Monday, March 21, 2011

Multiplication Chart 1 -50

CQ WPX SSB 2011 (Preliminary II)

It comes CQ WPX SSB 2011 edition . In the absence of problems doing my first experience will participate in multi-operator from the LQ5H with Victor (LU3HS) and Alejandro (LW7HT) . The category is M / S HP , so too will be my first experience at HP. Victor
station is substantially more equipped than mine, and both he and Alexander have extensive experience in competitions of this kind in almost all settings and categories. In addition to competitive teams in their season Victor has a field of antennas that includes bands that I'm too lazy or I have no coverage at my station (160, 80 and 15 meters) so it is possible to point to a true multi-band operation as required by the M / S.
There is still a run plan, I guess half will take the form prior to the contest by reviewing the actual spread and the other half on the fly depending on what, as they say the lines of Tom Hanks in Castaway , ".... which will bring tide ...."
is therefore a unique opportunity for me to access an operating environment at this time and my skills and my station I operating permit. The opportunities should be exploited.


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